Message is everything.  You can have the greatest voice on air delivering your message, but if the message isn’t good…you’ve wasted your time and money.  See the top seven reasons to start with a well-crafted message…and why Elizabeth Ficocelli should develop it for you.

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Elizabeth has over 25 years of experience as an advertising copy writer in print, broadcast and digital media. She started in big ad agencies in New York City in the age of marker renderings and push-through marketing. She’s seen the industry evolve with the digital age,  producing  an Internet-educated, savvy marketplace.
Elizabeth knows that advertising used to be all about my company, my services, my features and benefits. Now it’s all about the customer – their wants, their needs, their concerns. If you miss that vital point, you’ve missed your opportunity. Can you afford to do that?
Competing at all times with people’s busy schedules and short attention spans, Elizabeth knows you need to catch your audience with the first few words. You have only precious seconds to convey a message – therefore, it’s absolutely critical that every word does its job.
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the top 7 Reasons to start with a well crafted message

Here are seven reasons to let Elizabeth craft your message from scratch or at least assess your current copy for effectiveness:

  • It will save you valuable time and free you to handle the other demanding aspects of your business.
  • You will no longer have to worry about costly errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation – errors that can leave a lasting bad impression of your company.
  • Though you are an expert in your field, sometimes being too close to your industry can be detrimental; it’s wise to benefit from someone with an understanding of your marketplace that can still provide valuable objectivity.
  • There is a delicate balance to being persuasive without coming across too salesy, and Elizabeth understands that important difference.
  • She is trained to identify unclear phrasing, missing information and other common mistakes to give your message the clarity and impact it deserves.
  • Elizabeth understands the importance of positioning your product or service in the marketplace to command action from your target audience and make any product or service sound enticing and exciting.
  • She can produce fresh, new copy that still maintains a consistency with your audience.

With strong, creative writing skills that inspire action, Elizabeth has what it takes to bring voice to your message.